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Writing Stimulates Critical Thinking: Jim Rowe

August 11, 2022

Critical Thinking and Communication Skills are Linked

How effective communication skills can save time and money

Jim Rowe has 45 years in marketing both on the client side and the agency side.

Episode 107 ( Jim is based on Long Island, New York)

In this conversation with Jim Rowe we explore:

  • The skills gap and why we should change STEM learning to STEAM
  • The skills gap in problem solving and writing skills
  • Why writing is essential to critical thinking
  • Why writing skills have suffered and what can we do
  • Why people don't know what they don't know
  • How communication challenges wastes executives' time
  • The importance of getting messages down to one page

About Jim Rowe:

Jim served as Brand Manager with Coke, VP Marketing with Cutty Sark and President of two small Satchi divisions. Currently leading Jim Rowe Marketing. Jim published a 2-book series, Get Your Ducks in a Rowe. It's a fable that helps executives address the skills gap of their new employees.


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Excerpts from this conversation with Jim Rowe

To write is to think



Analyze - Deduce - Author - Preform - Tackle - Evaluate - Refine



What has happened is that the we are not really teaching our young executives and young people in school, we're not teaching them to be disciplined thinkers in order to communicate better.

And I think what happens is, you know, if you say to somebody, do you know how to write and you know how to think, and you know, how to communicate, everybody's gonna say, yes, because we do it all day long on social media.

However, there is so little training as it relates to writing and that to me, my fundamental premise, here is five words - to write is to think.

And I think we do so little writing that doesn't fit we don't, and students in general, and a lot of executives, if we don't spend our time writing, we're not training ourselves to think clearly. And I think that's really a big part of the problem.



And Jim, I think I heard a message in there is that investing in improving the communication skills, saves money.



Well, yeah, it saves money. And because what is the big phrase that we've heard all of our lives "Time is money".

And think about the senior executive, his most precious personal resource is time. And wouldn't you know, when I walk into a meeting, and everybody's not sure nobody had an agenda,

I have a very good friend who was just hired away from a big company to go be the account person at another huge company. We know all the names. And in the interview, because he read the book, and he loved it, and he and he said to me, You know what, one of the questions they said and the point they made, it would be great if you could just get here and get everybody to have an agenda for the meeting.

Isn't that incredible? Isn't that incredible than an enormous organization is concerned that nobody is pulling the team together.

I have another friend who's in a small company read the book Love that. He said, I'm thinking of using this for everybody because our zoom meetings because they're all over the country, they're chaotic and people are talking.

Just go through the simple 10 step process. You know when you're setting up for a golf swing, there's about six steps you got to do and trying to keep them on your mind is one thing.

The same goes true for communication and thinking, follow the format and everything is going to be a little bit easier for you.


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