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60 Lesley Everett, Personal Branding

60 Lesley Everett, Personal Branding

September 16, 2021

What is your personal brand? How do you know? How can you define it?

Lesley Everett, author of Walking Tall, reveals insights about personal branding that you might want to know now.

Personal Brand

  • Why might that be important to your success?
  • What do people say when you leave the room?
  • How can you take more control of your personal brand?
  • Why is it critical to be consistent and authentic?
  • Why do you need to show vulnerability?
  • What is the Espresso effect?
  • Insights from a conversation with Richard Branson.


Learn more about Walking Tall and the programs from Lesley Everett.


Review or register for the online programs for Personal Branding


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59 Brett Halliday, Building a strong and enduring team

59 Brett Halliday, Building a strong and enduring team

September 9, 2021

Recruiting, Retaining and Enumeration - the keys to building and sustaining a strong team

Brett Halliday discusses his experience in growing his career and building a national retail organization from 12 to 86 locations.

What are the keys to building a strong national retail organization?

How best to address the typical retail challenges of high turnover and low pay? (Do you think the two might be related?)

The important role of individual coaching and training.

How to highlight the opportunity for career growth.

How might customers' experience help you attract new team members.

The importance of transparency with enumeration.

Provide access to two levels above.


The career path for Brett Halliday crossed 27 years with Michael Hill Jeweller - starting in Australia and leading to Canada.


Brett Halliday is available to help ambitious retail business looking for growth, expansion and rapid increase in sales. You can contact him at the website...



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58 Marilyn Gist, Power of Leader Humility

58 Marilyn Gist, Power of Leader Humility

September 2, 2021

Leader Humility - Feeling and displaying a deep regard for others' dignity

When you are the leader, the team is observing and judging you. These three silent questions come to mind.

  1. Who are you?
  2. Where are we going?
  3. Do you see me?


The six behaviors of a leader with humility:

  1. Balanced ego
  2. Robust integrity
  3. Compelling vision
  4. Ethical strategies
  5. Generous inclusion
  6. Helping people develop



Marilyn Gist is a recognized expert who augments direct leadership experience in business with deep academic credentials.  She has served as Professor of Management, and Executive Director of university leadership programs.

She has studied why leader humility is the essential foundation of all healthy organizations and validated her work with interviews of prominent CEOs of companies including the Mayo Clinic, Ford, Starbucks and Costco. 

The Extraordinary Power of Leader Humility (available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other book retailers)

Take the free Assessment Tests on Leader HumilityYou can take these on their own and receive confidential, instant results.


Learn more about the Master Class: Leader Humility: The Essence of Working Together







57 Hugh Coppen, communication lessons from nature

57 Hugh Coppen, communication lessons from nature

August 25, 2021

What can we learn from nature to improve our communication skills?

Nature communicates effectively across species and yet we humans seem to have lost some of that natural understanding. What might an immersion in the African wildlife teach us about effective communication skills?

Hugh Coppen leads safaris into the African wildlife of Zimbabwe.  


See the gallery of fabulous photos here


In this discussion, he offers insights about how African wildlife communicate effectively. What might we learn from studying their communication challenges and techniques?

The three primary communication methods for animals:

  1. Body Language
  2. Scent
  3. Listening

Why are elephants the great communicators?

Did you know that elephants have a private communication channel?

How do you hug an elephant?


What are the primary lessons we can take from Hugh's observations?

Ironic that one of them is the power of listening. Be sure to listen to this conversation with Hugh Coppen.



Learn more about this African wildlife adventure


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56 Robert Gignac, The Money Conversations

56 Robert Gignac, The Money Conversations

August 19, 2021

What are the three big money conversations with your family?

Robert Gignac points out the importance of these conversations, the pitfalls and offers advice on how to approach them and the people.

The three family money conversations are:

  1. Parent to young child to set life lessons
  2. Partner to partner - especially early in the relationship
  3. Adult child to elderly parent about safety and security

What makes money conversations so emotional?

The lost lessons of the piggy bank?

How might money be used as a weapon in a relationship?

Where does money come from?


Robert Gignac is the author of the Canadian best-seller "Rich is a State of Mind" available only at 




Robert Gignac speaks to companies, associations and groups about personal finance, doing better/different things with your money and creating the future you want.

Learn more about Robert and his programs here


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55 Ed Rush, F-18 pilot, Business Growth Consultant

55 Ed Rush, F-18 pilot, Business Growth Consultant

August 12, 2021

What can flying a F-18 fighter from the deck of a carrier teach you about building a better business?

Ed Rush reveals the challenges, fears, lessons and nuances of flying faster than the speed of sound - and how he translates those into building blocks for a healthy business.

What is it important to fail fast and move on?

What looks smooth is an illusion.

What are the three stages of screwing up?

Why is it important to push conscious thinking to the subconscious?

When does perceived value transform to real value and why is that significant?



Ed Rush was a F-18 pilot who flew over 50 combat missions. He served as one of the top instructors on aerial dog fighting (think Top Gun). He is a 5 time bestselling author.

He helps business become more profitable based on his life lessons.

Learn more about Ed Rush and his programs at

Learn about the book here


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54 Lee Kitchen, Innovation & Creativity

54 Lee Kitchen, Innovation & Creativity

August 5, 2021

Lee Kitchen aka the Magical Dude is also called; Innovation Catalyst, Design Thinking Trainer and Culture-Change Agent

  • What is the process to innovation and creative problem solving?
  • What is design thinking and how to apply it?
  • How to cultivate fresh thinking?
  • Why is empathy important to this process of change?

We explore the process and nuances of innovation, creative problem solving and design thinking. We explore the advice that Mickey Mouse might offer.


Lee Kitchen worked at Disney for 32 years. His journey started in Operations & Guest Relations, then moved through Special Events, PR, Marketing and Advertising. 

Currently offering his experience as an Innovation Catalyst via his company, Magical Dude Consulting. Visit his website here

You can arrange for a keynote for your conference, training workshops for your team or consulting for your strategic needs.

Lee Kitchen is also a streamer with two programs, Inspiration in a Box and Beats-Party-Magic on


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53 George O’Neill, Communicate with your Board

53 George O’Neill, Communicate with your Board

July 29, 2021

How to communicate with your board of directors.

George O'Neill examines communication with, from and within a board. What are the roles and responsibilities of the CEO, board chair and board members?

  • As CEO, how might you establish a positive working relationship with your board?
  • What information does the board need?
  • What challenges might a CEO encounter and how best to address them?
  • How might the board clarify focus?
  • Why should the board chair be "nose in and fingers out"?

When you are a board member:

  • How can you be better qualified to join a board?
  • What are your true responsibilities?

What are the key differences between for-profit and non-profit boards?



George O'Neill started his career as an aerospace engineer and worked his way through roles as management consultant, CEO and board director positions.

He has experience in both public and private sector technology focused companies while working helping manage the CEO-Board relationship.

George O'Neill is partner in,, a start-up company focused on aiding the residential real estate experience for home seller and sellers.

For instant home evaluation visit



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52 Fred Miller, No Sweat Public Speaking

52 Fred Miller, No Sweat Public Speaking

July 22, 2021

No Sweat Public Speaking and No Sweat Elevator Speech - tips from Fred Miller

In this fun and engaging conversation we explore how to approach the networking question, "So what do you do?"

We highlight communication and presentation challenges and your choices to convey your message effectively.

Better communications skills can make the difference between receiving more recognition and opportunities - or being shunted to the back room, away from the action.


  • What are the sticky spots and why do you need to practice them more?
  • What are the guidelines for practising your presentation?
  • What four ways should you review the video of your presentation?
  • Why are the opening and the close so important to your message?
  • Why perfect presentation isn't the goal and what is?


Fred Miller is a speaker and public speaking coach. He;s the author of the No Sweat series.


Learn more about Fred Miller and his programs at his site



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51 John Watkis, The musical principles of pubic speaking

51 John Watkis, The musical principles of pubic speaking

July 15, 2021

What can public speakers learn from music?

What key principles of music would help you deliver a superior speech?

John Watkis is a professional public speaker, singer, musician and Lion King performer. What lessons does he offer to  make your presentation, speech or talk more effective?

 You don't need to be a singer or musician to learn from these principles and techniques to improve your presentations.

How might a speaker follow the principles and leverage the techniques of mood, chorus and rhythm?

How can you take advantage of the powerful pause?

How can you tune your instrument?

What lessons can you take from practising scales?


To learn more about High Stakes Performance Connects - contact John Watkis by email at


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