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69 Howard Rankin: Thinking, Consciousness and Critical Thinking

69 Howard Rankin: Thinking, Consciousness and Critical Thinking

November 18, 2021

Communication starts within your body, not necessarily within your brain. How do you feel about that thought?

I Think, Therefore I am Wrong, is the title of the latest book from Dr Howard Rankin. How does the title of that book make you feel? Does it intrigue you or disgust you? Why?


Your body and mind are designed to communicate effectively within the body. Yet, communication with other people might not work so well because the body/mind relationship is based on survival and energy conservation.

Topics and Ideas that we explore in this discussion:

  • I think, therefore I am wrong. What does that mean?
  • Why might we ignore facts or distort reality?
  • Your brain is an energy hog.
  • Why do we experience binary thinking? And why is that dangerous?
  • How might physical activity help you recharge or rewire your brain?
  • When was the last time you truly enjoyed eating a grape?
  • How might nature help you reset?

Communicate with Influence

Check this online training program from Dr Howard Rankin on how to be more successful with your communication.


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68 Graham Brown, The 3 Box Storytelling technique

68 Graham Brown, The 3 Box Storytelling technique

November 11, 2021

How to build your story on the framework of The Christmas Carol and it's not Bah Humbug!

Graham Brown offers analysis, practical insights and artistic encouragement to storytelling in business.

Highlights from this discussion with Graham Brown

Leveraging the power of the journey

Move people to change while making them feel that they are on familiar territory

How to diminish the fear of the unknown

The power of analogy when you want to become the Uber of ...

People forget what you said, yet remember how you made them feel

The importance of allowing listener to fill in some of the blanks

How to rehearse and refine your key stories

The relevance of the back story. Why are you here?

Why old stories are the best


Graham Brown is the founder of Pikkal & Co, an award winning podcast agency based in Singapore. He has the experience of hosting over 400 episodes on his podcast. He is an author on the subject of The Digital Transformation of Communication. His works include The Human Communication Playbook and The Mobile Youth: Voices of the Connect Generation.

Podcast Guesting Pro is a dedicated Podcast Booking Agency that works with B2B thought leaders. They help you reach new audiences and build your authority by booking you on podcasts to showcase your expertise and spread your message. Learn more here...


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67 Holley Mignosi, Hypnotic Body Language Supports your Stories

67 Holley Mignosi, Hypnotic Body Language Supports your Stories

November 4, 2021

Leverage your body language to convey more powerful stories

You might have heard that story telling is an effective way to convey your message. However, are you using your body to support your story or might your body be sabotaging your intended message?

Holley Mignosi is a former model, acting coach and fitness coach who appreciates the nuances of body form, posture and movement. She helps speakers coordinate their body language with the power of stories.

Get your free copy of the 15 Hottest Hand Gestures so you can add Sizzle to your presentations.



Listen to her powerful life-changing story. (It starts at 16:59 if you can't wait.)


Insights from this interview with Holley Mignosi:

  • Your body is communicating 100% of the time, whether you are award of it or not
  • Athletes and dancers are keenly aware of every movement of their body
  • Your presentation doesn't start when you start to speak, it starts when you enter the room
  • We are looking at you and judging based on what we see
  • Hands are trust triggers; Let people see your hands
  • Why the underdog story is so powerful and why you need to heal before you tell it

The Four Es of Engagement

  1. Expanded Posture
  2. Engaging Eye Contact
  3. Emotional State Control
  4. Echo Technique

The Four Pillars of Charisma

  1. Curiosity
  2. Playfulness
  3. Resilience
  4. Victorious

Learn more about Holley Mignosi and her programs for the Art of Storytelling and Hypnotic Stage Presentations at her website


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66 Peter de Jager, Problem Solving - Where is the Box

66 Peter de Jager, Problem Solving - Where is the Box

October 28, 2021

Problem Solving: First we need to see the box

Peter de Jager explores the challenges, beliefs and joys of effective problem solving

Problem solving is a fundamental skill, yet many get it wrong. They approach problem solving like mathematics in their search for the right answer.

Insights from this discussion with Peter de Jager

  • There is no spoon
  • Your box might not be my box
  • There is no one right answer
  • The problem is not the situation
  • The problem you see might not be the real problem
  • The first step is to reassess the situation
  • Your solution might address the situation while not addressing my problem
  • The problem might be a matter of perception

Peter de Jager has been addressing problem solving and change for more than 40 years. He is an agent of change and champion of problem solving. And yes, his perspective has changed over those decades as he continues to change...

He has produced more than 100 webinars on the topic of change. You can find the library of his webinars here...



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65 John Wilson, Boost employee engagement

65 John Wilson, Boost employee engagement

October 21, 2021

Employee engagement is at all-time lows. Why and what can you do about it?

John Wilson examines the crisis of low employee engagement.


Every employee has the right to a good leader.

Bad leaders make bad bosses.

Better employee engagement is a competitive advantage.

Who owns the responsibility for employee engagement. (Hint, it's not HR.)

What does low engagement cost the organization?

How does low engagement effect mental health?

What is the CEO disease?

John Wilson is the founder and CEO of CEO Global Network

This is where  CEOs go to learn from other successful CEOs.

CEO Global Network is on a mission to significantly improve the success and lives of CEOs and executives, their families and their companies.

Learn more about CEO Global Network by clicking on the logo.



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64 Kristin Arnold, Speak and Shine on Panels

64 Kristin Arnold, Speak and Shine on Panels

October 14, 2021

How can you leverage panels to spread your message and enhance your image as an expert?

Do you speak as a panel guest or panel moderator? Would you like to deliver a more effective and professional image while providing a message of value to the audience?

Join Kristin Arnold as we examine:

How to prepare for the panel?

How to deliver soundbites?

How to say less while conveying more?

How to generate more panel opportunities?

How to create a more interesting and engaging experience?

Kristin Arnold is a professional meeting facilitator and leading authority on moderating panel discussions. She is the author of six books including, "123 Ways to Add Pizzazz to a Panel Discussion"



Learn more about the book here


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63 Jason Voiovich, Blending Story  Telling, Marketing and History

63 Jason Voiovich, Blending Story Telling, Marketing and History

October 7, 2021

"Your Intended Message is Your Intended Story"

Effective marketing is based on telling powerful stories. You can create powerful stories when based on lessons from history.

Jason Voiovich Is a marketer and story teller who studies the lessons of history.


Insights from this conversation

History doesn't repeat itself but it does rhyme.

Gain a competitive story telling edge from history lessons

Stories build on minimal facts - then additional facts are added to fill in the gaps

Why did each of the four participants in the War of 1812 tell a different story?

The story contains a hero, villain and conflict

Abraham Lincoln was an excellent story teller and joke teller


Over 25 years, Jason Voiovich has launched hundreds of new products. His success as a marketer is based on his power of observation of people and history. He studied the presidents of the United States from the perspective as Marketer in Chief and published his findings in his book, Marketer In Chief.



You can find his book at all the usual book distributers and learn more at this website


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62 Mark Brown, Business Story Telling

62 Mark Brown, Business Story Telling

September 30, 2021

Enhance your Business Message with story telling

How might you use stories more easily and effectively in you business messages. That might be in a team meeting, a sales presentation, or a leadership presentation.

Mark Brown is the 1995 Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking

He conveyed powerful stories in that presentation. He continues to help speakers, presenters and leaders deliver more effective messages through the power of story.


Insights from this conversation with Mark Brown

How to find your stories? Look at the photos on your phone.

What amazed you? What amused you? What moved you?

Authenticity plus Vulnerability = Credibility

The common connects

Stories mirror our lives

Stories add meaning to your corporate message

Look for the humanity behind the numbers

Stories convert data into three dimensional meaning


Mark Brown offers speech and presentation coaching for leaders. Learn more about his coaching programs here:


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61 Lisa Barry, Misson Led Content

61 Lisa Barry, Misson Led Content

September 23, 2021

Marketing can be ethical.

Lisa Barry explores the use of Mission Led Content. 

When you market with honesty, transparency and integrity - you attract your ideal customers that reflect your values. They are easier to serve and you feel better about helping them.

There's no need to SPAM, lie or be manipulative to attract business. Produce marketing messages that reveal your values to attract the right business.

Before you write your marketing copy, start by getting into the right mindset. one that focuses on your mission and sees the ripple effect.

What is the ripple effect? Listen in to hear how your actions create ripples across the market and community.


Lisa Barry helps small business owners create effective marketing content that reflects honest, transparency and integrity.

Learn more about the online program that offers support for your ongoing marketing needs at

Try it for the first month. It's free. Then decide to continue for a monthly fee.

If you ever needed a boost when writing your marketing content, this program will do that for you - every month.


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60 Lesley Everett, Personal Branding

60 Lesley Everett, Personal Branding

September 16, 2021

What is your personal brand? How do you know? How can you define it?

Lesley Everett, author of Walking Tall, reveals insights about personal branding that you might want to know now.

Personal Brand

  • Why might that be important to your success?
  • What do people say when you leave the room?
  • How can you take more control of your personal brand?
  • Why is it critical to be consistent and authentic?
  • Why do you need to show vulnerability?
  • What is the Espresso effect?
  • Insights from a conversation with Richard Branson.


Learn more about Walking Tall and the programs from Lesley Everett.


Review or register for the online programs for Personal Branding


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