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What’s Your Personality Style and Why Should You Care? Jonie Peddie

March 3, 2022

Know your personality style so you can leverage your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses

Joni Peddie guides us through the 9 personality styles of the Enneagram model

Episode 84

When you know and understand your hard wired personality style you will:

  • Recognize your blind spots
  • Appreciate your natural resting state
  • Be more comfortable with your internal dialogue
  • Have greater control of your reactions when stressed

The nine personality styles of the Enneagram in the sequence discussed:

8. Challenger

9. Peacemaker

1. Reformer

2. Helper

3. Achiever

4. Individual

5. Investigator

6. Loyalist

7. Enthusiast


Joni Peddie is the co-author of: The FAB Quotient: Experience Resilience and Fight Fatigue. 

She is co-author of: Resilience Up Assessment (in 200 countries).

Joni is based in South Africa.

To learn more about her programs visit,za


You can access your own resilience in 4 dimensions: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Purpose Driven Resilience.

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Excerpts from this conversation with Joni Peddie


And why is it important for us to understand our, our strongest personality type?



Because for personal growth and personal transformation, you need to know your own personality type to say, right journey.

If your personality type is called the top three in the Enneagram, then, what is the fear of the top three?  What does that shadow kind of fear?

You and I spoke a few minutes ago about the internal dialogue. And that can be largely driven by the fear and the desires of their personality type and the attitude of their personality type.

So if you know, with specificity, which one you were born, you can start to self manage in different ways, so that your fears and your blind spots don't trip you up.

And you can personally grow and be able to self manage differently, and then communicate in different ways to different personality styles to other people who are born different personality styles.



And does that mean that if a person is in one of those neighbourhoods, that they are also more likely to have shoulder personality of the other two types?



Very good insight there not a lot of people ask that question, George. And I've been teaching this for 25 years. So yep, very good question.

If they could have, we actually call it wings, but shoulders would work. So you're born a header, you know, that's your type. And then on either side, you've got a shoulder connected to the head.

So that's always on the circumference of the circle. So if we're talking about a type, clearly there could have a shoulder of an 8 or shoulder over one.

But certainly a type one couldn't have a shoulder of a non or shoulder to so the shoulders don't have to be in that neighbourhood that can kind of straddle neighbourhoods.



Do these strengths become a haven when we're stressed, stressed or threatened?



They certainly do. An earlier starting point, which was good, you know, you kind of revert back to the type that you were born.

So they become a haven because you you're hardwired that way. It's so it's automatic behaviour.

And actually, when people are stressed, the FBI uses the Enneagram. Because they can show when world leaders are stressed, those habits are automated, and you kind of play out an automated set of habits.

However, when you're not stressed, and you're more mindful, and you're more present, and you're more self aware.

Socrates said, self awareness is the beginning of wisdom. So when you're more self aware, you actually then will choose how you respond to people.

And in what way, you will choose that whole behaviour set according to the person you're speaking to the task, that issue were the businesses and the business growth.

People will not easily know your Enneagram type. And I find those leaders that I deal with are exemplary because they are not stuck in a certain automated pattern. They are free of it.

So there's a little bit of an oxymoron here is you need to for personal growth, know which type you are born.

And then you want to kick that box away and you want to go right I don't want to be a slave to that Enneagram type, I want to be agile, and use different behaviour sets according to the situation, the people that I'm working with.


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