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What can we learn from a motivational speaker from Russia? Pavel Verbnyak

January 13, 2022

Motivation is like a shower. You need it every day.

We are individuals, yet we each need our daily shot of motivation in our own way, every day. What might we learn from Pavel Verbnyak, a motivational speaker from Russia?

Episode 77

On this interview, Pavel Verbnyack from Moscow, Russia, offers his insights about pursuing success - and helping those around you do the same.

You might believe that the definition of success various by person, nation, perspective and challenges - and you would be right. You might be surprised that the challenges and techniques to motivate and grow are similar, regardless of circumstances.

How do you find mentors?

What do you need to do each day to think, feel and do more success?

Why you should not fear the word, "No".

The power of books that you have at your fingertips.

Why you might stop searching for the latest thing and instead look back 2,000 years.


PS: You might notice that that my (George) audio is poor on this episode. I apologize. I got a new Logitech camera which messed up my microphone settings. Go figure.

I trust that you will enjoy this discussion with Pavel Verbnyak. He's a young Russian who is clearly motivated and motivating and striving for greatness.





Excerpts from this conversation with Pavel Verbnyak


Yeah, thank you for your question. George. I had a very nice wise grandfather, who who just participated in World War Two. He was born in 1923. And he is my first role model.

He passed away around 90 years old in 2013 and he was always positive. He loved people. He had hundreds of friends in the city we lived in and he taught us - me and my brother because my father passed away when I was seven and my grandfather was like a father.

He didn't blame others. He understood everything if he got some people who, maybe I did something wrong with him, but he, I didn't hear any bad words from from him.

And the same for me, George, when I shared with him, he taught me to play chess, he, I felt this love from him and his acceptance for who I am. It doesn't really matter if I took some mistakes, and, and even this dream, this goes, he and my mom supported me,

George, but first couple of years, I didn't share with all of my thoughts and ideas to them. I just did something every single day. I have some books. I've read, I developed myself. Absolutely. They know what I do. But they supported me.

Yeah, George, it's very important to have this kind of support. And if someone is negative to you, don't say you don't share your goals and dreams. Just do something.

When you develop yourself. Other people will see Wow, he's different while he's doing something nice, while he's confident or he's getting better. And because of that, they started to ask you Wow, George, Pavel, what do you do you are different now?

What what do you read? What can you recommend me. And if they ask you, you can recommend that. But I never recommend or provide some ideas or thoughts to people who doesn't ask me to do that.

So it's very important, George. And support is very important. But it doesn't really matter. If nobody is supporting you. You have yourself you have your supporting group, by yourself just one person, you can do something great just by yourself, and other people will support you on your journey.


Right, George. And there are a lot of beautiful books.

So read, decide exactly what you want and read that kind of books. If you would love to become a great salesperson. Great. books on sales, or negotiation or psychology of communication of in something like that.

If you would love to be to become successful, you should learn from successful people, you should model successful people.

If we think and act as other successful people think and follow the law of cause and effect, we become like them step by step.

And we can achieve these kinds of results or them. So the cause and effect goes, thoughts and action and effect its results.

So 1000s of people achieve that kind of results and goals and successes we would love to achieve.

So learn from them, ask for help, ask for recommendation, write them a message, send them a message in LinkedIn as I did with George. And if they say no, okay, next, no.

Next, would you become my mentor? Next? No. But someone say yes, someone would ask George says, Yep, I would. I would love to talk with you in a zoom. Let's, let's get to know each other.

And that's why we became friends, and I'm on your podcast because I send a message.

But most of the people say No, today in their hands in their heads. They say no, he's, he's, he's too busy. He's so successful, he's going to say no to me. But this eliminate this fear of rejection, eliminate this fear of, of failure, fear of you and success.

And so there are a lot of limiting beliefs and fears. You should go forward to your dreams and you will achieve great results and ask for help. Ask for what you want.


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