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Selling with Personality Intelligence: Benjamin Bressington

May 5, 2022

You can have more influence, persuasion or close deals faster

Understand personality styles and leverage the data about persuasion


Benjamin Bressington offers insights into the science of persuasion and selling based on behavioral research.

Episode 93 (Ben is an Australian living in Florida)


In this conversation we explore:

  • Why AIDA is a selling model that is out of date (150 years)
  • The difference between closing and committing
  • Key questions to ask to tap their emotional needs
  • The bird conflict that you need to understand to avoid
  • The common theme between professionals sales people and start athletes
  • Why you should record your sales conversations 
  • The role of data in selling

About Benjamin Bressington

Ben applies lessons from criminology and gamification to help companies and sales people close deals faster.

Ben is the CEO of Behavior Sales, a leading personality intelligence company.

His latest book is “People Ignorant: Unlocking Success, Confidence & Influence.”

Learn more about how you can use the Behavior Sales techniques to boos your sales at

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Excerpts from this conversation with Benjamin Bressington


The worst thing you want to do in handling an objection is go feature benefit feature benefit because people become product pushers and not problem solvers.



It was designed for a different type of consumer behaviour. And one of the things is, you need to understand what we call sales resistance.

And a lot of the things people are doing in today's communication is creating unintended resistance, hence, you get ghosted. Hence, people go, Hey, that sounds interesting. Will you send me a flyer? Will you send me an email?

That's them brushing you off? Because what's going to happen next, they're going to ghost you, right? So the thing is, is people need to be aware of the words, they're saying how they're saying it because you're actually creating subconscious emotional resistance, which we call sales resistance, and therefore, you're actually sabotaging your own sales.

So you can do this with body language, and you can do it linguistically. And that's what we're why we're sharing so much about behavioural intelligence, and how this has really changed.

There's the old school of selling. And now there's the new school of selling, which actually uses data to actually provide people with a feedback loop on how to improve their communication.


Ben in wrapping up, if you could offer a sales leader, one, two or three bits of advice, and maybe it's something you've already said, but they're gonna they're gonna go meet with 13 for a sales meeting, and what might they be saying about we're going to change the way we're selling.

And here's what I want you to do. Number one, is start addressing personality, understand personality and understand how to have personality driven conversations to create the connection to is look at how you're using your sales rep. recordings.

A lot of people use record calls, but never do anything with them. They don't create, we can actually help a company create a winning conversation baseline that allows you to compare every conversation you're having against that to find out well, was my tonality different was my questions different, that type of stuff, right?

So out like we've got immense data you're not even using. So therefore you're losing massive amounts of data.

And three would be starting to look at how you're using persuasion. Are you using external or internal and if you're still using external I can promise you your sales are being killed.


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