Your Intended Message

Podcast Guesting for the C Suite: Brandy Whalen

January 6, 2022

If you are a business or community leader how can you succeed as a podcast guest?

Brandy Whalen is a facilitator of meaningful conversations.

She is co-founder of Kitcaster, an agency that books and prepares leaders to appear on podcasts.

Episode 76

Our discussion explores podcast guesting as an avenue to convey your messages in a more meaningful way.

Why would leaders appear on podcasts?

Why is podcasting a more attractive channel than social media?

How can you prepare to be an effective and memorable guest?

What can you do to feel more comfortable when being interviewed?

How can you convey a more human feel to your message?

What can you do when the host stumbles or asks inappropriate questions?


Kitcaster books business leaders on the right podcasts to best convey their intended message. 

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Excerpts from this discussion with Brandy Whalen of Kitcaster podcast agency...



Who would want to be on a podcast as a guest? And why?


Well, I think that anyone and everybody should be on a podcast, I tell our clients that everyone has a story to share with the world.

It's just sometimes people have a little bit more of a hard time finding their story.

Our clients are typically C level executives. So they are CEOs CFOs, head of human resource CTOs. They're looking to get in front of audiences to really showcase their expertise in whatever whatever area they they tend to land.


Are they delivering a corporate message? Or is it more of a personal message?


Yeah, that's a really that's a really good question, George. And, you know, I love the the name of your podcast, your intended message, because I feel like I that is what I preach every single day.

And really, what I tell our clients is that there is not a single podcast out there that I think would want to have you on as a guest to you can pitch your product or service.

That would be a terrible listen. What we tell our clients is that podcasts provide this unique opportunity for potential customers, customers, employees, to really get a good look at who it is that's behind the curtain of whatever company you're out there representing.

And maybe bring in your personal -  always bring in your personal story.

Then your professional journey as well.

No, it doesn't have to be a sales pitch.

You don't have to run through your corporate talking points. Those will come naturally if you do it right. And you're weaving the conversation together in a more organic way.



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