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Embrace Your Servant’s Heart: Jim Hardwick

August 4, 2022

Giving will reward you more than taking

Yes, you can build your business and life with the intention to serve

Jim Hardwick is a Fractional VP Sales who has started leading a C suite executive retreat to Kenya. 

Episode 106 (Jim is based in Phoenix, Arizona)

In this conversation with Jim Hardwick we explore:

  • What does it mean to embrace your servant's heart?
  • How can you get more success by giving instead of taking?
  • What if people take advantage of your generosity?
  • Why did you start leading dental expeditions to Kenya?
  • What benefit does a fractional VP Sales bring to a corporation?

About Jim Hardwick:

Jim is president of Aspire Sales. He has over 25 years experience as a VP Sales and offers his service as a fractional VP sales for corporations.

He and his wife, Jody lead a dental team to Kenya each year.

In 2023 Jim will lead a safari experience to Kenya for C suite executives with an emphasis on how to embrace your servant's heart.



Jim welcomes your questions about sales. Enjoy a no-charge conversation with him. 

Call him - 623-451-1080

Email -

Jim Hardwick on Linkedin


Excerpts from this conversation with Jim Hardwick

Don't serve to say, "I served". It's not a checkbox


But if you don't have that passion, then serving becomes a chore. And when it's a chore, then it's not your heart that's serving.  .You're serving because you feel  obligated to serve. Once you find that passion like we found in Kenya, the place we never wanted to go, It's amazing what transpires.


I give away free advice. If you have sales pain, if you need a question about sales, call me. I'm here, call me.

When I do that. George, I get calls. I talked to a CEO of a health care company, I was in healthcare for 36 years. And he knows software, unbelievable. He's got a great program, but he's still trying to learn about health care, I spent an hour with the gentleman. I didn't bill them for my time, because if I can help him elevate his business, guess what, we all win, because that's going to come back to me someday.

And that's, that's the way I live my life. I don't worry about where my next clients gonna come from.



I would say be real, be vulnerable with your employees build trust, when you can gain that trust, and the employees know that you're there to help them be successful.

And they sincerely feel that your business is going to take off. It's just taking that extra two minutes, sometimes just to praise somebody when they've done a good job with recognition.

And you've acknowledged them. I've seen it a lot where in this is not necessarily the case in small business owners, but for large corporations, when the CEO walks in walks in, you can tell a joke and it might not be funny, but everybody laughs right, because that's the right thing to do.

The important thing for those folks, is it down on the level of your employees understand what their issues are. Don't surround yourself with all the Yes Men.

We'll be out in the field, talk to your customers, your customers that are buying from you. If they're not buying from you better darn well figure out why because ultimately, it's your responsibility.

So it's not hard. The people make it hard. It's that trust. It's that vulnerability, and then lead with passion and lead with that servant's heart.


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