Your Intended Message

Content Repurposing: Sally Curtis

April 28, 2022

How to leverage your content by reusing and recycling it in other formats

Stay in touch with your market with bite sized messages


Sally Curtis points out the marketing power of bite sized messages and reveals how to leverage your existing content to reconnect to stay remembered.

Episode 92 (Sally Curtis is based in Australia)


In this conversation we explore:

  • How to repurpose content from your book or whitepaper
  • Where to find content even if you haven't written a book or whitepaper
  • How to create your messages bites to be easily consumable
  • How to create teachable moments that linger with your target audience
  • The role of the right image for your tiles
  • How you can use a question in your bite sized message to engage

About Sally Curtis

Sally is a content repurposing and marketing strategist who helps authors consultants, speakers and professionals leverage their wisdom to educate and retain their clients.

She is the chapter president of the South Australian Professional Speakers of Australia.

Learn more Sally Curtis and her programs at



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Excerpts from this conversation with Sally Curtis



The reports and the white papers and the blog post don't go away, we still need words to to gather the information. But within the words, there are key points, key reminders. And if we can, it seems to me if we could represent those key points in a visual way that people need to be reminded.



Absolutely, and that's the key thing when your intended message is to create an impact for your audience.

And you've got all of this great content. One of my beliefs is that your, your clients need to be able to consume you on their worst day.

So if someone's having a few think back to your own as scenario, when you're having a really bad day, the last thing you want to do is read a long email. And that's when we get into ticking and flicking emails.

So if you transport or parallel that across your articles, people aren't going to want to read a long article when they're having a bad day. So if you're wanting to create that impact by making it bite sized, you're actually making it easy to consume, easy for them to understand and easy for them to remain connected to you, even when they're having a very, very bad day.



And that makes sense to me because there's some days when I when I pick up the newspaper. I just I read the headlines and I read the comics



Yes, absolutely. There you go. Yep. And that's, that's the whole thing, what you've done there is you've automatically gone, it's that that is too hard.

I'm going to read something that's fun, that's entertaining, that's inspiring, and potentially educational. And those little snippets are exactly what's occurred for you.

So you've gravitated to something that's going to help you have forward movement that day, or being more of an inspired or educated state. And that's exactly what turning that long form content into that bite sized content enables your audience to have we the messaging is getting much more intentional.



Hmm. So we need to reach our clients in a way that is easy for them, that feels useful to them. And and they might even I suppose would it be ideal?

A good test is if I'd put out a bite sized piece of content or put out content? Would it be neat if people started quoting me?



Absolutely. And that's where when you have written a white paper on it, and these are the things that I say a white paper or book, we all have a we talked about this earlier,

I have Sally isms. But we all have something you know, our name isms, we've all got rants, we've all got particular sayings that we say.

And if you're extracting them and bringing them to your audience in a new way. And that repetition of ever coming out helps people identify with you. And then those bite size bits go, oh, that's one of Sally's or that's one of George's pieces, because it becomes instantly recognizable, and said,

Here's the difference with visibility. Now you're recognizable now you're familiar. And one of the things that I find when you've got that authority piece, you've broken it down, you're now educating, inspiring, and helping your audience have forward movement

Is often what happens is these people that are consuming you, and engaging with you, they actually see us start to send you referrals, and they start talking about you and this is before they actually even do business with you. So the bit they do business with you after the after they've actually become an advocate of you and they've started to send people to you.

And that's where those repeatable or quotable messages, make it easy for them to tell a story about you because it was bite size again.


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