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Capitalize on Your Uniqueness: Jamie Greenberg

June 30, 2022

Are you generic or unique? First discover that uniqueness, then leverage it.

The market craves and rewards uniqueness

Jamie Greenberg is know as "The Imaginologist" igniting sparks of imagination and inspiration in others and then turning that inspiration into business.

Episode 101 (Jamie is based in New Jersey, New York)

In this conversation with Jamie Greenberg we explore:

  • How entrepreneurs struggle with finding and sending their intended message
  • Why discovering and interpreting your uniqueness is critical to success
  • The gorgeous chaos of random creativity
  • Finding and leveraging the divine downloads
  • The systematic process that must follow the creativity

Jamie Greenberg dramatically increases experts' reach and income by helping them "Capitalize on their mission and uniqueness" with a differentiator that earns them money they are really worth.

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Excerpts from this conversation with Jamie Greenberg

You can't worry about the how, and the creative at the same, it's like having your foot on the brake in the gas at the same time, you have to give yourself permission to have that creative process.



Jamie, the divine downloads, clarify for us, please. These are thoughtful insights we have or these are crazy ideas or these are these are just chaotic thoughts in our mind that may or may not fit together?



This is a great question. And if it fits into the title of your show, beautiful because when you create an intention, you know, I really want to be an entrepreneur, I want to be an exit strategist, entrepreneur. I'm coming from corporate for, you know, 2030 years I really want to get into consulting and consulting or coaching.

There's something burning inside me I have this passion. And I don't know exactly what it is. But my intention is to move out of this miserable space that I'm in that I'm putting up with and experience myself in a completely different way and learn the entrepreneurial way of life where Creating an intention.

So we put that out into the universe. You know, we've where we're sort of designing inadvertently, we we do this every second of our lives. So when we put it out in the universe, now you're giving the universe something to grab onto.

And that big manager in the sky starts to conjure up the things that you're asking for, I know, it sounds a little magical. And we've heard the term law of attraction.

But the law of attraction is as much as the law as gravity. We don't question gravity. But because, you know, the law of attraction is a little harder to touch. But it's just as real.

So those intentions come out. The universe gets it, they start to, it pulls that which is likened to itself is drawn. And things start showing up, don't they for you? Have you ever had that kind of experience?



Jamie, if people want to find out more about about how you can help, I believe you offer a 30 minute consultation, no charge, no sales pitch, just a consultation? How do they take advantage of that?



Well, we have a link that we're going to put at the bottom of the podcast in the description. It's a free business development, evaluation of whether you're emerging or whether you want to scale your business, we just take a bird's eye view a 360 view of where you are here.

And then I'm going to help you with some strategies and put together a little roadmap to see if we can get some clarity around the next step on how to scale where you want to go next.

And also, for everybody on the podcast, we're gonna give away a free little mini ebook that talks about our whole signature system platform from which they can then start putting in their divine downloads, putting in their pop out themes and take their first shot at it.

And then they can also bring that to the core. And we can start the process right on that core of codifying and organizing their uniqueness. Right on they're in a very process dependent way to see what methodology can arise from this so they can use that to design their offers and their price ladder from that.

They'll get they're essentially generators like their webinars, seminar and keynotes and all those modules We create which there's about 22 of them in the signature platform is their get video visible, social selling marketing plan.

And that's how they're going to become the inspirational face for their business.


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