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Audea - the Youtube of audio content: Amit Kukreja

December 30, 2021

With more than two million podcasts, It's time to create a YouTube of audio content

Audio publishing is exploding online with more than two million podcasts and 48 million episodes. How can this audio content be organized and searched?

Episode 75

Amit Kukreja (CEO & Founder) has launched  - the answer to the quest for organized and aggregated audio content. Let's learn more about this new platform, the gap it fills and the future of published audio online.

Why is audio content so attractive and easy to consume?

What are the missing pieces in podcast distribution?

Why are the podcast distributors unlikely to promote most podcasts?

What lessons can we learn from YouTube videos that can be applied to audio?



Excerpts from this discussion:


Let's find out about audio. And people might have said that, when TV came out that radio was going to die, but it didn't. It maybe even got stronger over the years. And people might have said that when when video came out, like YouTube came out, audio is gonna die. But it hasn't.

In fact, there's been a proliferation. And I believe the number of podcast audio podcasts is somewhere in the millions, which sounds crazy. What's happening? What's the attraction of audio? Why is it still here? And what in fact, why is it growing?



I think the recent pandemic definitely gave people a lot more time on their hands over the past two years, and they had more time to do different things.

And audio became one of those core forefronts of how they were ultimately consuming content.

I think one of the big things to understand about audio, and the reason I'm so bullish on it to the point where I made a whole technology company and platform around it, is that I think that it's sort of the next wave of how humans are going to be able to be productive, while still consuming content, content creation and production.

And as you said, the proliferation of it, there's never been a better time to be alive. If you are a content creator, whether you're creating articles, video or audio.

The problem with that no barrier to entry is that there are literally millions of billions of different pieces of content created every day and distributed on major technology platforms. If that's the case, the question then becomes what's vying for our attention.

And audio is one of those mediums where you don't need to stare at the screen, or you don't need to have a sort of intimate relationship with the with the content in a way that it consumes your time, you're actually able to do other things while consuming content on the go and the ability to be productive, which is what we all care about.

But still get the information, which is what we also care about, to me creates a symbiotic relationship with audio as a medium and content as a an emerging democratised way of people consuming different things.

So I think at that point, if audio has platforms that are able to support it and help a and are able to help get it discovered more in the mainstream, then it just becomes a no brainer in terms of how big it can get



Where do you see Audea a year from now. And five years from now.


Our goal is to get it to the point where we can hit critical mass, I think when we hit a critical mass, we'll be able to get some funding from venture capitalists. We tried to get funding over the past four months actually.

And it was such a rocky experience. It was a tonne of rejections. And it wasn't rejections in the context of the idea is bad. It was rejections in the context of you don't have the numbers, we need yet to justify giving you a couple million dollars.

Because it was a lot of cold emails to a lot of people in Silicon Valley. And I was getting the meetings, you know, people were actually sitting down and talking with me through Zoom. And these are meetings that are very hard to get with people who have very limited amount of time.

So the idea has the interest we know from the venture community. Now it's just a question of us building up enough intestinal fortitude, and empirical data to justify that this is an idea worth funding.

So, best case scenario a year from now I think we hit enough critical mass, we have 1015 20,000 users.

And at that point, we can get some funding from some venture capitalist. And once we get that funding, it's off to the moon in the next five years.


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