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18 Rob Ferre, Game Show Host

November 26, 2020

Gamification. How might you use games to connect with your team, audience and marketplace? 

Are you engaging? Are you connecting? Are you building rapport? Are you encouraging people to have fun?

Gamification might be an effective way to accomplish that. Imagine how people might feel about you and your message when you help them feel better about the process.

Rob Ferre, is a specialist in creating and playing games with your audience. He can help you conduct more effective team meetings, take the sting off of training sessions and feel the energy of fun connections.

Games might offer physical, mental, memory or popular culture challenges.

The key point is that games engage the audience - either as an active participant or curious observer.


Learn more about Rob Ferre and his programs at the website Rob Ferre 


George Torok is your podcast host.

He hosted the weekly radio show, Business in Motion, on 93.3 CFMU for 19 years. During that time, he interviewed over 500 entrepreneurs, business authors and community leaders.

He’s known as “The Speech Coach for Executives” because he helps executives deliver more effective presentations. He does that through private coaching.

George is the creator of Superior Presentations – a presentation training program for managers, professionals, and sales teams.

Most importantly, George Torok is a student of communication. He examines the nuances, challenges, and secrets of effective communication.

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